Resin Art Supplies

Composites Warehouse specialises in deep casting water clear epoxy resin, casting resin and stock an extensive range of pigments and colours, all suitable for 2D – 3D artworks. The pigments produce a rich and vibrant finish.

The resin medium enables everyone from the complete novice to experienced artists to create either two dimensional wall art, river tables, spectacular features and furniture. The casting resin is suitable for three dimensional sculptures, jewellery, bowls etc. The creative boundary is limitless.

Perth’s Resin Art supplier Composites Warehouse is conveniently located in O’Connor, close to Fremantle, Booragoon and Myaree.

Banksia Nut in River Set Resin
Banksia Nut in River Set
Resin Art Wood Bowl on wooden table
Resin Art Wood Bowl
Pinkysil Mould on grass
Pinkysil Mould
Blue River Resin Art
Resin Art Creation
Resin Art Beach Scene

Resin / Coating

Clear epoxy resin for sealing and preserving art. UV stabilised and provides a clear, long lasting finish. Resin dyes and pigments may be added.

Artistic Works:

  • Jewellery
  • Resin Casting
  • Finishing Coats
  • Timber Coating

Available in 250ml – 10Ltr.
Brands Stocked

Casting Resin Cube

Casting Resin

Easy to use and durable casting resins for moulded projects. Used extensively in jewellery and modelling and other moulded and artistic projects. Available in water clear and white.

Artistic works:

  • Artwork
  • Model Windows
  • Small Parts
  • Injected Moulds
  • Jewellery
  • Embedded Moulding

Available in 750g - 30kg

Pearl Fx Pigments

Resin Pigments & Dyes

A wide range of pigments and dyes suitable for urethane and epoxy resins are stocked to suit all artwork projects. Colours and finishes range include opaque and pearlised and these are suitable for all applications.

Artistic Examples:

  • Jewellery
  • Resin Casting
  • Resin Art
  • Canvases
  • 2D Artwork
  • 3D Artwork

Available in 50ml+ Bulk quantities available upon request.

Resin Mould

Silicone Moulding

Silicone rubber is used to make flexible rubber parts or create detailed and accurate, yet flexible moulds. These moulds can then be filled with casting resins to create the solid part. If looked after, the moulds can be used multiple times.

Artistic & Creative Use:

  • Sculpture
  • Plastic Parts
  • Rapid Prototypes
  • Jewellery

Available in 500g - 10Ltr

PinkySil Fast Set Silicone Packs

Barnes PinkySil

Barnes Pinkysil – Quick and easy to use Pinkysil silicone rubber has become the preferred moulding medium in creating projects by many artists.

Available in 500g – 22kg

Barnes RTV Silicone Rubber

Barnes RTV Silicone Rubber

Barnes RTV silicone rubber is used for larger projects to make flexible rubber parts.

Use it to create accurate and detailed flexible moulds to be filled with a range of casting resins to make sculptures, plastic parts or rapid prototypes.

Order Art Resin, Colours & Dyes

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  • All
  • River Table & Timber Filling
  • Pigments & Dyes
  • Moulds & Mould Making