PinkySil Silicone Rubber


PinkySil by Barnes is a Fast Set Silicone Rubber, Perfect for making your own moulds. Pinkysil is very easy to use for first time mould makers with its 1:1 ratio each pack comes with two parts, that have a natural pink colour to them. We are able to order in Silicone Pigments at your request - although we do not always keep them on hand – in order to tint the silicone. Pinkysil has a fast working time of 6 minutes on a 25 degree day and a cure time of 20 minutes so it can be great for reproducing several moulds. Pinkysil's low velocity means that it can easily make its way through all the nook and crannies of the object that you are casting, and also manages to pickup all of the finer details in your mould