River Table Epoxy Resin

River Set and Timber Set epoxy resins are the perfect combination of products to use for river table projects.

River Set is a deep pour epoxy resin that allows you to pour up to five centimeters deep in a single pour with a water clear finish. For your river table project, you can pour River Set epoxy resin into your main river section (the gap between two slabs of wood) in a single pour and get a clear result. Once set (after three to five days), you sand the surface down. The slow drying of River Set allows you to cast big pours with crystal clear results.

Timber Set is a fast setting resin with a working time of 45 minutes and a drying time of 24  hours (ready for sanding). On your river table project, you would use Timber Set for small pours up to 10 millimeters thick, such as engraved surfaces, cracks, holes and gum veins in the timber surface, or the smaller detail areas that you need to fill after sanding.

River Set is a low viscosity clear 2-part Epoxy Resin emitting a low exotherm. The properties of River Set epoxy  make it a preferred choice for controlling timber gassing, giving less distortion in larger castings.

River Set and Timber Set are exclusively available Australia wide from Composites Warehouse, located in O’Connor, WA.

The friendly staff at Composites Warehouse have hands on experience with using  River Set and Timber Set , and are happy to answer your questions. We can send to anywhere in Australia.

River Table Clear Casting Epoxy Resin
River Table Clear Resin Art
River Set Epoxy Resin Range

River Set Technical

The River Set system is a low viscosity clear 2-part Epoxy Resin.

  • Low odour
  • Low viscosity assists in controlled air release.
  • Long working times 8 – 10 hours @ 45mm thick @ 25 deg C.
  • Low exotherm to control timber gassing, and less distortion in larger castings.
  • Machinable after 48hr for 50mm castings @ 25 deg C. Longer for thinner pours and cooler temperatures.

Typically used for:

  • Deep casting, up to 50mm.
  • Creating decorative timber & resin tables.
  • Filling & levelling knots & holes in wood.
  • Resin art.

Colour Pigments & Dyes

Composites Warehouse now stocks a wide range of pigments and dyes designed to be used with resins.

These pigments are popular to use for the tinting of our clear resins, producing a subtle hue, or statement pieces in river tables, and vibrant coloured jewellery and other artistic master pieces.

The pearlised & metallic pigments are ideal to produce feature edges.


Pearl Fx Pigments in jars on shelf

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