River Table Video Library

Starter Project - Epoxy Resin Cutting Board

How to Make Epoxy Cutting Boards - Length 16.22 - Small scale starter project. Great craftsmanship.

Epoxy Resin Coffee Table

DIY Resin River Coffee Table  - Length 14.59 - Great result with very few tools. Sam gives good clear instructions.

River Tables

Live Edge River Table | Woodworking How-To - Length 8.33 - Beautiful job, how the pros do it. Crazy sound track turn the volume down for this one.

How To Make A Resin River Table Using Clear Epoxy Casting Resin - Length 10.34 - This is a great instructional video for beginners. Professional presentation. Mitre joints are a bit dodgy so don't pay too much attention to them.

Epoxy River Table!! | Woodworking How-To - Length 10.58 - Very professionally done.

DIY Resin River Table in a Simple Way / Resin Art - Length 16.23 - Satisfying and relaxing to watch.

DIY Epoxy Table - How To Resin and Wood Table - How To Woodworking - Length 16.48 - Great presentation. Relaxing voice to listen to. We'd recommend wearing a mask.

EPOXY River Table Build! - Length 19.14 - More of a confidence builder/big picture video. Don't expect the detailed tips along the way.

EPOXY RIVER TABLE // DIY Walnut Wood Restoration - Length 19.52 - This is well done tutorial with an engaging commentary. No annoying music or hype. Just the gear.

River Table Ocean Pour |Sone Coat Counter Tops - Length 37.15 - If you can't handle American hype and banter maybe avoid this one. Full on hype.

Reverse River Table

Live Edge EPOXY RESIN "Reverse River" Table - Woodworking How-To - Length 20.29 - This is a down-to-earth confidence builder. Got to love someone who shows their mistakes as well.

Large Scale River Tables

Conference Table - HUGE 60L Epoxy Live Edge River Table! - Length 17.05 - American epic and fun to watch.

CRAZY Epoxy Waterfall River Table Build - Length 24.06 - This is highly entertaining and a little bit weird. Great fun.

Building The Ocean Table by Chris Swanger - Full Build - Length 10.17 - This is amazing. Chris is a true artist. Check it out for inspiration.

River Table Lighting

LED EPOXY RESIN RIVER TABLE - Length: 10.20 - This is a first timer having a go at a river table. Don't expect expert tips but it is still cool to watch a first timer tackle this project.