Glass Cloth


Glass Cloth can be applied for composite reinforcement, and is compatible with polyester, epoxy and vinylester resin. And has good corrosion resistance and good tensile strength Ideal for lightweight, general purpose reinforcing applications such as boat building, surfboards, sailing dinghies, sheathing and waterproofing. Resin required to wet out is 1:1 by weight (ie 1m of 4oz/125gsm = 125g) 4oz – 125 gsm 1mtr wide 165gm weight Easier impregnation and lamination of curves and corners 6oz – 200 gsm 1mtr wide 190g weight most popular weight 10oz – 330 gsm 1.3mtr wide 245g weight ideal for high strength lay-ups and mould construction   Comes in lengths of 1m, 2m, 3m, 5m & 10m *we will fold all lengths under 5mtrs, unless specified otherwise*